I’m a Michigan photographer, Detroit photographer and Ann Arbor photographer. While I’m based in Southeast Michigan I am free to travel. I create images of people, places and products. I am an assignment photographer and editorial photographer in studio and on location. My busman’s holiday is photographing cars, due in no small part because I grew up in southeast Michigan, the Motor Capitol. I shoot cars of all kinds, race cars, vintage race cars and collector cars. (BTW, racecar is a palindrome). I photograph people, events, landscapes and scenics and travel images. My clients include Apple, Toyota, Bosch, GM, The University of Michigan and Automobile Magazine, to name a few.

Here you will see a variety of imagery, some shot on assignment as well as a good amount of personal work from my travels. I believe travel opens one’s eye to fresh, new possibilities. If you really like an image, many of them are available for purchase or licensed use at my Photoshelter site. I’d also be happy to discuss assignment work, too.

If you click on one of the images above, it will take you to a page on my site with a wider selection of similar images. If you click on an image on a page, it will take you to my Photoshelter site where you can view a larger selection of images.

All of the images on this site are available for purchase as prints or for licensed use. Click on the Pricing link above for more information.

If you see an image here that sparks your interest in a similar idea, email me at ben@bcolman.com and I’ll search my archives.


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